You may not have known it, but Oz Experience has been part of the Greyhound Australia Group for the past decade. We’ve recently had some chats around the office and decided to bring everything together under the one name: Greyhound Packages. Same great experience all in the one place, with one of Australia’s most loved companies.

Already booked your travel?
Don’t panic! All your travel bookings remain the same, including tour dates. You can continue your travel with Greyhound and still manage your booking using the same booking number and PIN.

Purchased but no bookings made yet?
No worries! Your booking number and PIN you received when you first purchased your package remains the same. When you’re ready to start planning your trip, simply jump over to the Greyhound website, log in and book away!

Forgot your booking number or PIN?
Easy! Drop us a line and we’ll sort it out. Contact us here, or call 1300 473 946.

Worried about your privacy?
Don’t be! Oz Experience has always been part of the Greyhound Australia Group and fully covered under GDPR, so your data remains in safe hands. Click here for more information.

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