Whitsundays sailing, a must-do for any adventurer travelling along the east coast. Explore the secluded coves, beautiful inlets and snorkelling reefs that make up the stunning Whitsunday Islands as your adventure sailing boat slices through the crystal-clear waters. Oz Experience offer a range of adventure Whitsundays tours to journey through this tropical paradise. Allowing you to get involved with the sailing hands on and help out the crew, a unique experience is guaranteed! 

With a range of Whitsundays adventure sailing tours suited to all ages and traveller styles, there has never been a better time to book with Oz Experience! Our range of Whitsunday tours and of course, our competitive Whitsundays deals will have you cruising the stunning Whitsunday Islands for less. 

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Check out our Relaxed Whitsundays Tours if you are feeling more like relaxing while sailing the Whitsundays.

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