Coober Pedy

1 Night accommodation - Radekas Underground Hostel

About this tour

Known as the opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy is a unique landscape with many hidden surprises. Your stopover will see you spending the night in an old opal mine, which has been converted to an underground motel. Situated 10 metres below ground level, the underground motel will give you a welcome break from the scorching heat in both summer and winter. It truly is amazing, and who knows, you may even find your own opal.

| 1 Night Hostel Accommodation

Make sure to bring:
Water bottle, camera, insect repellent and personal toiletries. 

The boring (but important) stuff:
Make sure to confirm your booking as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.


Staying in an underground motel!

Exploring the many opal shops

Visit many underground shops

Moon Plains (where Mad Max 3 was filmed)

Willima Creek

Lake Eyre

Oodnaddatta Track

The Big Winch

Old Timer’s mine

Tom’s working opal mine

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