Byron Bay

Byron Bay 14,000 ft Skydive Tandem

About this tour

“Now I’m freeeeee, freeeee falling!!!”. We all know the tune, but do we all know the feeling? It’s time to find out. Skydive Byron are ready to take you on an adrenalin pumping ride, that is nothing short of exhilarating. There is no better location that to jump out of a perfectly good plane, trust us. At 14,000 feet, your tandem skydive instructor will tap you on the shoulder and launch you on the freefall of a lifetime. As you fall and then parachute back to earth, drink in the views of the beautiful Byron town, coastline and beaches. The whole time you will be strapped to an experience tandem skydiving expert, allowing you to relax and rest assured you are in good hands. This experience is for the brave and we couldn’t recommend it more.

| 14,000ft tandem skydive 
| Personalised briefing 
| Accommodation transfers 
| Jump certificate 
| Australian Parachute Federation membership

The boring (but important) stuff:
Make sure to confirm your booking as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Any persons weighing more that 95kg must be assessed by a Drop Zone Safety Office on site to determine any safety issues. Dependent on weight surcharges may apply. 95kg and over incur a $25 surcharge. 100kg and over incur a $50 surcharge. 105kg and over incur a $100 surcharge. Maximum weigh is 110kg. Passengers should pre-register with the APF before arrived to the drop zone. To register head to Various jump times are available and must be organised direct with the provider.

Adult $354.00
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Jumping out of a plane!!!

Drinking in the coastline views

Gliding through the air

Screaming ‘WOOOOOO’ at the top of your lungs

Birds eye views of Byron

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