8 Things You Need to Know Before Travelling To Australia

#1 Australia Is BIG

Map of Australia

And we mean REALLY big - It’s even bigger than Europe! This is a key fact when it comes to planning your Oz Experience as you may want to allocate a bit more time in transit. So many travellers and backpackers make the rookie error in thinking that they will be able to tick ALL of Australia’s ‘Bucket-List’ destinations in a couple of weeks, but if you are wanting to truly experience the beauty that is Australia, make sure you give yourself time to explore.

#2 Road tripping Australia Is The Best Way To See The Country

Traveller with smartphoneSo how do you see all of Australia’s beauty? On a road trip, of course! Road tripping in Australia is a fun, unique and budget-friendly way to see the country.

As we mentioned before, Australia is HUGE so while hiring a car may sound like fun, we recommend getting yourself a Hop On Hop Off travel pass such as those included in our Oz Experience travel packages. These are great for those who want the ultimate flexibility when it comes to making your way across the country. Plus, you don’t have to drive, so for those long trips, just out your feet up and relax. Our travel partner Greyhound Australia even have USB chargers on their coaches and FREE Wi-Fi on board!

#3 Pack Sunblock

Applying sunblock at the beach

In a country that is famous for it’s beautiful ocean and golden sand beaches, chances are you are going to find yourself wearing your bathers for a large portion of your trip. The last thing you want is to endure an Aussie sunburn, because these are lethal. Moral of the story, wear sunscreen - we promise you will still get a tan!

#4 There Is More To Australia Than Sydney

Sydney, Australia

We admit, Sydney is an epic city with a bunch of iconic places (which are pretty much mandatory to see), but there is so much more to Australia than this one city. A couple of places you NEED to add to your itinerary include, the Great Barrier Reef (of course), Melbourne for all of it’s culture, the entire East Coast of Queensland, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love crystal clear water and golden beaches, and of course Uluru - the Heart of Australia.

#5 Australia Does Get Cold Sometimes

Kangaroo in the snow

Despite what a lot of travellers think, there is such thing as winter and cold weather in Australia, it even snows in some places!

If you are travelling in Summer, chances are the weather will be lush, but make sure you pack for the odd unpredictable cold day. Also, in December - January in QLD it is storm season so a light rain coat won't go astray!

#6 They Have Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats, Australia

Yup, you read correctly, and if you find yourself travelling in Queensland over summer especially you will be bound to see these flying creatures. Although they look a little creepy, they are totally harmless and stay far away from any kind of human contact.

#7 Tim Tams, You Must Buy Tim Tams

Mmmm, Tim Tams

If you haven’t tried a Tim Tam biscuit before, your life is about to change. These ridiculously delicious bikkies can be found in pretty much all supermarkets, and if you want an inside tip - get the Double Coat flavour, you won’t regret it. Oh, and also, don’t buy them from a ‘tourist shop’, some of these places will charge you up to $7 for a packet but they are usually $3 - $4!

#8 You Must See the Wild Life

Koalas in a tree

And not just Koalas. Sure, holding a Koala will be all that you dreamed of, but hand feeding kangaroos, holding a baby croc (yes you can do that), or even stroke a wombat will make our trip. Australia Zoo is THE place to have your wildlife encounter as you can pretty much see EVERY animal. Make sure you schedule this in your trip when you are travelling north from Brisbane.


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