How To Plan The Ultimate Aussie Road Trip

Friends planning an Aussie road trip together

When it comes to travelling Down Under, we are the first to admit that Australia is fricking HUGE, but while catching a flight may save you time, you still can’t beat a good old road trip! So, to ensure you are set for your Oz Experience roadie, here are our top tips for planning youre big adventure!


Girls on an Aussie road trip eating ice cream and having fun

While travelling alone can be liberating, if you plan on driving across Australia, you’re definitely gonna want a break from behind the wheel. Another alternative is travelling on Greyhound Australia’ coaches (these are included in our Oz Experience packages), so you can put your feet up and relax while travelling to each destination.

That aside, when choosing your travel buddy, just make sure they are up for some laughs and plenty of spontaneity.


Map of Australia

Travelling on the fly and winging your travel itinerary is what we are all about, BUT, going back to our earlier ‘Australia is freaking huge’ statement, having at least a rough idea of what destinations you’d like to tick off your bucket-list will help ensure you get to all of these places in the time you have.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a town or city in Australia (which is bound to happen), and spend all of your time there, then realise you have 4 days left of your trip to make it up the East Coast. Moral of the story - Plan your trip!


Girl on the bus listening to music

What’s a road trip without epic tunes? A boring AF drive! So, before you head off on your big adventure, make sure you Spotify playlists are on FLEEK!

FUN FACT: If you travel Australia with one of our Oz Experience Packages, you’ll be hitting the road on Greyhound Australia’ coach which are fitted with WIFI and USB chargers* making your playlist prepping more flexible!


Packing a suitcase for a road trip

When packing your backpack (or suitcase for those fancy travellers), lay everything out that you plan on stuffing into your case... and half it! Yup, half it! We can almost guarantee, when you hit those Aussie shores, you’ll be wearing those same shorts and rotating singlets pretty much every day! If there is anything that you MUST pack, it’d have to be sunblock! Don’t forget sunblock! Oh, and deodorant, no one likes a smelly travel buddy!


Twenty something traveller asleep on her backpack

If you want piece of mind knowing you have a place to sleep each night, we highly recommend booking your accommodation in advance, especially in the peak season (November - February). There are a few great backpackers that are worth looking up, these are Base backpackers and YHA backpackers - Make sure you get in quick, they do book out!

TIP: If travelling on the road on a Greyhound coach, if you can, make use of their overnight services - they are a great way to save on a night’s accommodation!


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