How to decide which Oz Experience Package is best for you

Driving through outback Australia

You may not have realised this yet, but when it comes to planning your great Australian adventure there is a lot to consider. Australia is HUGE, so in order to see and visit all of the amazing places on your bucket-list, there is some planning you’re going to have to do. But, that is where we come in. With over ten different Oz Experience travel packages available to choose from, we’re going to cover how to decide which one is best for you! Let’s get started;

Is This Your First and Potentially Last Time to Australia?

Sunrise on Fraser Island

If you’ve been slaving away in your job for this trip of a lifetime and are travelling from the other side of the world, you’ll want to go all out. This is where the good old ‘YOLO’ motto comes into play (it means, You Only Live Once, for those who have been living under a rock for the past 5 years). If you’re not sure if you’ll have the opportunity to come back to our beautiful country, then you’d best tick off everything there is to do!

If this sounds like you, our Cairns <> Darwin Wanderer Package will ensure you leave content that you have truly explored Australia!

What Bucket-List Items Do You Need to Tick Off?

Sydney Harbour

Do you have a few destinations or attractions that are considered a ‘MUST DO’ in your time Down Under? Whether it’s seeing Sydney’s harbour bridge, watching the sunset on Uluru or snorkelling in the Great barrier reef we have you covered! Our packages cover the all of the key Australian hotspots with the flexibility to travel how YOU want to!

How Much Time Do You Have Up Your Sleave to Explore?

Natures Window, Murchinson River, Australia

Regardless of how big your bucket-list for Australia is, you can only see what your time allows. As we mentioned earlier, Australia is REALLY BIG, so this is where some element of planning is essential! For example, did you know that Australia’s land mass is almost as big as mainland USA!?

When looking at our Oz Experience packages, we have outlined ‘recommended’ days you should allocate for each one, to help with your planning process.

What Is Your Budget?

Travel funds jar

It goes without saying, the more you do, the more it’s going to cost. So, if you are tight for cash, don’t worry we can still help you out. Our Brisbane <> Cairns - Strewth package, starts at only $499. If you need more budget tips, check out our blog; 10 Tips For Travelling On A Budget.

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