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This is one of those questions you ask your mates over a casual beer on the weekend and you get conflicting answers. Your friend who is all loved up swears that, "if you can survive a trip together, you can survive anything", #Cliche much. And, your single and ready to mingle friend's motto is simply, "what goes on tour stays on tour." Now, both have their pros and cons, but seeing as it's Valentine's Day, we're going to share the pros of the single traveller, because, let's be honest, all you loved up folks are out for dinner anyway!

#1 - What Goes on Tour Stays on Tour

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To repeat what was mentioned above, when travelling abroad, single, you get to decide what details you leave overseas and what gets shared when you get home. UNLESS, there are photos… AVOID PHOTOS!

#2 - You Can Ditch the Romantic Sunsets and Hit the Pub Crawls

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Sure, sunsets are pretty. But, a pub crawl through Sydney's CBD with your mates is better! As a single traveller, you're more inclined to meet other travellers along the way too. So, that's even more people you can party with!

#3 - You Don't Have to Deal with An Insecure Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Receiving messages from your significant other 74 times a day asking what you are doing and who you are with is no one's idea of fun. The great news about being single when travelling is; you don't have that problem. In the words of JayZ 'I got 99 problems but a B*tch aint one.'

#4 - You Have A Better Chance of Getting Free Drinks

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Sorry lads, this one doesn't quite work out for you all the time. But, for the ladies, you can keep yo' cash in your bag and get that lippy on because it's time to score some free drinks.

But, forreal, no one really buys couples free drinks, so why not make the most of it and save a buck or two.

#5 - You Get the Opportunity to Challenge Yourself

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When you are single, you don't have that person you can depend on so it is your turn to step up. If you miss your flight, or run out of money, that's on you hunny! Also, it gives you an opportunity to embrace alone time and get comfortable and more confident with yourself.

#6 - And lastly, You'll Simply Just Love It

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Whether you have just gone through a breakup, or have been single since forever, you'll have the best experiences! Remember, there will always be the opportinity to travel with a significant other at some stage in your life, but, if you get the chance to do it while you are single - DO IT!

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